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On behalf of the NJ IARP Conference Committee, we wanted to make you aware of a bill that has been proposed in the New Jersey State Senate.
Senate Bill 3375 represents an attempt by petitioner counsel groups to further chip away at an employer’s right to control medical treatment in connection with NJ Workers’ Compensation.
The bill would require the following:
  1. Employers to designate authorized treating providers early on in the claim process.
  2. Changes to the medical provider would require a Judge approval
  3. Requires insurance adjusters, nurse case managers and employer legal counsel to contemporaneously disclose all written or verbal communication with authorized treating providers to claimants or their legal representative, without a reciprocal requirement on claimants or their counsel.
  4. Requires claimant consent to the use of nurse case managers
  5. Enables Petitioners Counsel to block the assignment of a nurse case manager to the file even if the injured worker has no objection
  6. Raises the potential fees for petitioner medical experts, as well as petitioner counsel fees
It is the opinion of many in the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation arena that should this bill pass it would significantly impact our ability to treat and manage the care of injured workers.
Please take a moment to read through this summary – if you are in agreement with opposing S3375 we have attached a sample letter that you can send to Senator Troy Singleton and feel free to edit the document to make this more personal – outline your experiences with injured workers (not disclosing any PHI) and their families, how your involvement helped the injured worker regain control of their life after an accident.
If you know your local legislator please send to them as well – this bill at the end of the day will not only impact the work that we do but will raise taxes as well for all New Jersey residents.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly at 908.433.7915 and I will be more than happy to assist.
Thank you
NJ IARP Conference Committee

Sample Letter to Legislators 

Summary of S3375